Constructive and fun activities to engage your kids at home!

  • Are you looking to engage your child with something that is constructive and fun?
  • Are you constantly buying toys that have very little learning value and looking for an alternate?
  • Are you looking at ways to spend quality time with your child?

OKZYromon’s Treasure Box, is the perfect answer to this.

What is OKZYromon's Treasure Box?

OKZYromon's Treasure Box is a fun, theme-based activity kit for children in the age group of 3 to 7.

  • Designed by child development experts
  • Focuses on early development
  • Includes activities to engage kids constructively at home
  • Delivers new exciting theme based activities every month

Contents in the box

  • Storybook
    A delightfully illustrated
    storybook based on the
    theme of the month
  • Activities and materials
    Activities such as games,
    jigsaw puzzles,
    experiments with all the materials required.
  • Nutrition nugget
    which will provide
    interesting food tips
    and recipes for kids
  • Parenting pointers
    which are sure to
    help you as
    a parent

Why should I buy the box?

A child specialist and author of several parenting books says
These activities help stimulate both the left and the right brain of the child and encourage creativity and lateral thinking. Looking for innovative solutions and 'out of the box'
thinking also helps develop logic, reasoning, and common sense, and allows for
overall development of your child
Dr. PV Vaidyanathan

It is a great way to spend quality time with your child

Parents are constantly on the look for toys, books, games or anything that can keep their kids engaged and has the right balance of learning and fun. The Treasure Box is perfect way to constructively engage your child and spend some quality time.

It not only develops fine motor and gross motor skills but also essential life skills

Designed by child development experts, the activities provide an opportunity for a real hands-on experience to children and develop both gross and fine motor skills. Activities also focus on inculcating crucial life skills.

It introduces children to various concepts and improves awareness

Each treasure box theme is very well researched and focuses on improving awareness about various topics relevant to children as much as on ensuring it is fun for the child.

It encourages curiosity and encourages innovation

The activities are designed in a way to simulate interest and encourage children to ask questions, children view each element in their own way and, in the bargain, learn something interesting

Each activity is designed to enhance these growth drivers

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