Things that Fly

Okzyromon’s ‘Things that Fly’ treasure box introduces children to all kinds of flying objects from airplanes to boomerangs and explains how things take flight through a fun game, a quizzy jigsaw, a storybook and a couple of DIY activities!

The 'Things that Fly' treasure box includes:

  • Story book titled 'Okzy’s hot air balloon adventure'
  • Fly high – A game that involves flying to locations acrossthe globe
  • Quizzy Jigsaw - A fun game that combines a jigsaw puzzle and the excitement of quizzing
  • Parachute and rocket craft – A DIY activity to make your own parachute and rocket
  • Parenting Pointers on tips to engage kids on a flight
  • Nutrition Nugget on foods for a flight

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