Set Shop

OKZYromon's 'Set Shop' Treasure Box introduces children to various money concepts and helps instill good money habits through pretend play activities, a fun game, a storybook and a craft activity! This is a great way to spend time with your children, as they learn something new about money.

The 'Set Shop' Treasure Box includes:

  • A wonderfully illustrated storybook titled ‘A birthday gift for Emry’
  • Set Shop - A pretend play activity to set up a shop to buy and sell toys; it includes a shop banner, play money, a bill book, open and close banners
  • Coin Crunch - A coin recognition and counting game that kids can first make and then enjoy
  • Save, spend and share money bank – an activity to make a money bank with a difference – not one but three – Spend, Save and Share
  • Nutrition Nugget on healthy alternatives to junk food
  • Parenting Pointers on teaching your child money concepts
  • ORRO Trump – A simple and fun card game that helps children understand the value of things

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