Magical Maths

OKZYromon's "Magical Maths" treasure box explores the wonderful world of mathematics through a fun number line game, an exciting balance scale and weighing activity, a witty measuring game and a beautifully illustrated storybook.

  • Balance scale - An easy and fun way to make your own balance scale to weigh, compare and explore various objects at home
  • Let’s Measure - An exciting game that involves making your own catapult, launching pom-poms and measuring the distance with an attractive measure tape.
  • Racing Number Line - A great hopping game that helps kids understand number values, sequencing, simple addition and subtraction using a number line.
  • Parenting Pointers - Great tips for parents to teach and explore the fun world of maths through simple everyday activities at home.
  • Nutrition Nugget - A table mat with an easy to learn table chart, so kids can have fun with numbers while they eat.
  • Story book - A beautifully illustrated story book on incredible examples of mathematics in nature!

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