What’s in the OKZYromon's Treasure Box?

Each Treasure Box has a storybook, three to four games/ puzzles/ experiments/DIY activities for children. For parents, it includes interesting tips on parenting as well as on nutrition.

  • Storybook
    A delightfully illustrated
    storybook based on the
    theme of the month
  • Activities and materials
    Four to five activities
    such as games, jigsaw puzzles,
    and experiments with all
    the materials required.
  • Nutrition nugget
    which will provide
    interesting food tips
    and recipes for kids
  • Parenting pointers
    which are sure to
    help you as
    a parent

Fun in Space

Okzyromon's "Fun in Space" treasure box introduces children to the fascinating world of planets, stars, galaxies, constellations and more through a brainy space probe quiz, a fun solar system project, a gripping board game, a DIY activity and a wonderful story book.

The "Fun in Space" treasure box includes:

  • Space Travel – An exciting board game that takes kids on a journey through space while exploring various space events.
  • Space probe - A fun activity that encourages children to explore the universe as well as create their own book about the solar system.
  • Straw rockets – An easy way to make your own rockets with all the things you need to make it.
  • Story book titled "Why stars don't fall down?"
  • Parenting Pointers to encourage children to children to protect our planet, conserve natural resources and recycle.
  • Nutrition Nugget on a healthy, fruity, space themed snack.

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Magical Maths

"Magical Maths" explores mathematics through a fun number line game, an exciting balance scale and weighing activity, a witty measuring game.


Water World

'Water World' treasure box explores the fascinating underwater world, introduces children to the water cycle and features water experiments.


Things that Fly

Things that Fly introduces children to all kinds of flying objects from airplanes to boomerangs and explains how things take flight through a fun game.


Fun with science

The theme introduces children to various science concepts and its practical implication through fun experiments, a story and a jigsaw puzzle!


Set shop

OKZYromon's 'Set Shop' Treasure Box introduces children to various money concepts and helps instill good money habits through pretend play activities, a fun game, a storybook and a craft activity!


Fun with Time

OKZYromon's "Fun with Time" Treasure Box gives children a head start in telling time and instills the importance of punctuality and the value of time through a story book, time-telling games and a plan-my-day scheduler.


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