Fun with time

OKZYromon's "Fun with Time" Treasure Box gives children a head start in telling time and instils the importance of punctuality and the value of time through a story book, fun time-telling games that offer kids a hands-on experience and a plan-my-day scheduler.

The 'Fun with Time' treasure box includes:

  • A wonderfully illustrated storybook titled "Let's go camping!"
  • Time check – An exciting board game that helps kids understand the value of time and its importance as they race through a day full of exciting activities.
  • What's the time - A game that helps kids learn how to tell time through a hands-on experience with a large clock mat on which they can lie down to tell time
  • Plan-my-day - A perpetual calendar and a perfect tool to help kids plan their routine throughout the day and also learn about a calendar
  • Nutrition Nugget on the best time to eat what and why
  • Parenting Pointers on helping your child manage time and instilling the value of time

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