Fun in Space

Okzyromon's "Fun in Space" treasure box introduces children to the fascinating world of planets, stars, galaxies, constellations and more through a brainy space probe quiz, a fun solar system project, a gripping board game, a DIY activity and a wonderful story book.

The "Fun in Space" treasure box includes:

  • Space Travel – An exciting board game that takes kids on a journey through space while exploring various space events.
  • Space probe - A fun activity that encourages children to explore the universe as well as create their own book about the solar system.
  • Straw rockets – An easy way to make your own rockets with all the things you need to make it.
  • Story book titled "Why stars don't fall down?"
  • Parenting Pointers to encourage children to children to protect our planet, conserve natural resources and recycle.
  • Nutrition Nugget on a healthy, fruity, space themed snack.

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